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New Ways to Strike it Rich on the Web

SmallBizBlog has a great article, referencing one written by Business 2.0, that quickly covers a new way to really strike out thanks to the internet.

Sloan points out the example of David Carter of Carter wrote about regulatory changes in his native England by culling data from a government website. He explained what property owners needed to do to comply. He even posted local phone numbers for his “business” in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, each of which was forwarded to an answering service.
When inquiries flooded in, Carter steered them to an acquaintance who really was an asbestos surveyor. The requests were far more than one surveyor could handle, but Carter continued to book new customers. To Carter, there was really only one answer: Become a surveyor himself.

An interesting idea, and probably not one actually done by too many people. I know some friends who have created web related businesses from cutting out a niche and trying to fill it as best they can, but none that I know of have taken it to the next step like the Carter example did, and I really think that is a brilliant idea.
There are always other things that can come from blogging that are completely unexpected, and sometimes those are the best reward from blogging. I doubt Carter expected to become a surveyor, but when the opportunity arose, he jumped at the opportunity. And that is the kind of flexibility and courage we can all be envious of.