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New WordPress Theme Viewer Released

A few very enterprising WordPress enthusiasts have come together to make a new WordPress Theme Viewer.

Now be warned, there may be some kinks in it, so we are hoping that you will give us a heaps of feedback in order that we can continue to improve on it’s functions. And we also made a big choice. To add all the theme tags ourselves, which meant a longer delay for release, or to open it up to a group of people who are willing to give their time and edit the tag system with us. It’s easy enough. You need to just look through each theme and add tags – 2 column – 3 column – left sidebar – right sidebar – favatar enabled – that kind of thing. Once this is completed it means that trying to find a theme will be so much easier because you can search through the tags and make your choice based on their criteria.

It looks like a really great set-up, and makes wading through all the themes of WordPress a little easier. Kudos to them for their hard work.
Check it out at