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No Akismet for a Day?

I am wondering if a proposed idea is any good or not, as an announcement on has been growing in power on the web. The idea: turn off Akismet for a day. The idea is to be reminded about how much work anti-spam software does for our blogs, and how much time it saves us each day, by taking a day off, without such protections.
They have decided that this day for them will be December 15th, and many others are joining on board, with even more people questioning the idea.
Even on the Akismet blog, the endeavor was mentioned, making me wonder if spammers are going to be setting their scripts to go full force on the 15th, as you can be sure they won’t let the day go by if they can really hit unprotected sites.
More commentary on the whole idea can be found on Lorelle’s blog as well.