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No Long Term Support Version of WordPress Planned

One of the things that was discussed on a recent episode of WordPress Weekly Podcast was the idea of bringing back a long term support (LTS) release of WordPress like they did with the 2.0 branch up until recently. This made many companies feel secure in using WordPress on production environments, knowing that they wouldn’t usually have to worry about broken plugins, depreciated functions, administration design changes or security issues.
In a recent developer chat, Jeff brought up a question regarding LTS releases in the future of WordPress, and here are the responses:

jeffr0 – Directed at Mark. Has their been any talk of a new supported legacy branch?
Considering the security stuff earlier this month, some folks have been suggesting that WordPress bring back a supported legacy branch of WordPress. I decided to ask if any talk of this has been ongoing in the inner dev circle and Mark replied that he wasn’t aware of any. In fact, Mark stated he would be extremely opposed to an LTS (Long Term Service) branch. Sivel doesn’t think it is something that they are ready to undertake.
MarkJaquith – I’d rather direct resources to making upgrades smoother and showcasing well-coded plugins that won’t break on upgrade.
westi – The only way a LTS branch is going to exist is if the person that wants it creates it. our resources are better directed elsewhere

So there you have it, there are no plans currently for a new long term support version of WordPress. I think that this would be the perfect opportunity for a WordPress company, or a company with the right programming resources to commit developers to the community to maintain the 3.0 branch as a long term supported version for security patches for a minimum of a year. It would bring good press and attention to that company, and would be a huge contribution to the community and continued success of WordPress. Any company out there interested in doing such a thing?
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