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Official Everything You Need WordPress Version?

My post on if there should be a lighter weight version of WordPress where more features are stripped away to make a core version that people add modules and plugins onto got some great responses, and many think WordPress is already too light in features and whatnot, and so that made me think about the versions that people have released with plugins and themes already in the proper places, and if there would be much of a market for an official WordPress download with a few dozen themes, and plugins?
I think the first problem would be figuring out which plugins and themes would be most important, as well as how best to impliment them, as some plugins require editing of the theme code to make them work. The second problem would be that most people only use probably around three to five plugins and really only need one theme at a time (other than those with theme switchers).
I think that giving the most basic users more options, much like does, might be a great market that private groups are taking advantage of, and is not. I would love for Matt Mullenweg and group to pick their top ten plugins and have them put into WordPress. I think it could actually get people motivated to produce new plugins and themes for WordPress, especially ones that provide a real value to the community, and the returns on such a contribution would be of course popularity thanks to being added to an official WordPress download.
In the Should WordPress Release a Lite Version, Matt Mullenweg himself came to have his say:

Everyone has different “killer” features. Most projects approach this problem by modularizing core functionality, but that usually creates more framework bloat which cancels out any benefits the modularization gave. (Think PostNuke.) WordPress is measurably faster than it used to be, and will continue to evolve that way until it’s not possible to do so.

I have to agree with him that everyone has a different “killer” feature, but I think the majority could agree on a few that would make an excellent “Super Bundle” for WordPress. Proper tagging comes to mind for me, better image handling (i.e. a gallery), and podcast handling are all things that could be included in the special download.
Would you rather download a larger package that had all the best stuff right at your finger tips or a lite version with only the most used features, and everything else you had to add yourself? Is there a big enough market for both even?