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One in Five Teens Have Own Blogs

It’s getting pretty main stream to have a blog, or atleast know someone that has a blog. I still know people that don’t know what a blog is, and I sometimes feel a little strange about calling some of the sites I write for “blogs”.
Yahoo News recently published an article that says around 20% of the teens surveyed have a blog. That is a pretty large percentage in my opinion. Though since most blogs only last a week, like many teen interests, I am sure the real bloggers out there will have plenty of room in the blog community.

Nearly three in five school-age teens with Internet access have created online content, including Web pages with artwork, photos and stories – and about a fifth have their own blogs, which also allow friends and other readers to create feedback postings.
Those are some of the findings from a survey of 12- to 17-year-olds conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
The survey also found that older school-age girls with online access were most likely to keep a blog. About a quarter of girls, ages 15 to 17, did so, compared with 15 percent of boys in that age group.