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How Pivotal Are Online Meetings to a Blogger’s Success?

Much has been said about blogging. There are great resources online on how to build a profitable blog that you can build a career around. Gone will be your 9-5 job and traveling from home to work and back. Your professional life will now revolve around your blog and how you can even earn more from it while at home.

Now that you’re aware of the possibilities of blogging, you already need to learn the cold, hard truth: blogging is a very, very competitive industry.

Regardless of your niche, you will have to grow your blog from the ground up while your competitors are making lots of money from their blog using the strategies they have developed. Even if you will be observing the best blogging practices, so will other diligent newbie bloggers out there.

Therefore, you will need something to separate your blog from your competitors. By finding that one thing that you can associate your blog with that others haven’t done before, you can become much more identifiable in your niche, which would expedite your growth and lead you to greater success!

A suggestion that can be made for this is by going with online meetings.

Why does online meetings have to do with blogging?

[Online meetings] aim to provide participants with an immersive experience that enriches collaboration despite location differences. (Click To Tweet This Quote!)

Online meetings are a great way to keep in touch with your team members regardless of location. All you need to do is log in using your chosen tool to run your meeting online and conduct your business there. Get updates from people in your team regarding the tasks each needs to complete while developing upcoming strategies for the next quarter.

You must be telling yourself: You won’t be needing a team to run your blog. Also, a simple email might suffice in most cases.

That may be true, but if you want your blog to be truly successful – like The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Inc-kind of successful – then you need to understand the need to build a dedicated team.

Upon remaining steadfast and committed to your blog, you will eventually find relative success with it, drawing traffic and nailing the conversions you hoped for. As one person, however, you can only do so much to make your blog as successful as possible. This is where other people come in to help you unlock your blog’s potential that you weren’t able to do by yourself. This is also the part where you see your blog grow not only in manpower, but also in its reach and profit.

This can only be done by conducting online meetings.

Using an online meeting tool allows you to do audio and/or video conferencing with full desktop sharing controls. These features among others aim to provide participants with an immersive experience that enriches collaboration despite location differences. In fact, there’s more opportunity for all to be involved in the meeting and to let their voices be heard.

By using other features such as moderated Q&A, polling, and recording the entire meeting for documentation purposes, you can conduct a productive and efficient meeting that will help push your blog forward. From the meeting, you can bounce off ideas about your next plans and how to build upon your current campaigns such as increasing engagement and link building for SEO, for instance.

How are online meetings going to make my blog unique?

Since the best blogs are being run the same way, the only thing separating them is the processes involved in implementing their plan and strategy.

By integrating the use of online meetings in your regular workflow, you can increase your efficiency by simply conducting the meeting from your home instead of going over to a common ground for your team to meet and discuss your blog plans.

In other words, online meetings allow your blog to express their uniqueness by planning and collaborating much smarter. This way, you can emphasize on pulling off your plans and strategies without wasting time and getting ahead in the blogging game faster than your competitors.

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