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How to Be an Organized Blogger

An organized blogger is a successful one.

Okay, I just made that up, but there is some truth in that, don’t you think? One of the issues bloggers face is that there are times when the temptation to be laidback and go with the flow is too strong to resist.

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If you’re serious about achieving success with your blog – although success can be relative – there is something to be said about being an organized blogger.

How exactly can you be an organized blogger?

I’m probably not the most qualified person to write about this, but I’m right smack in the middle of learning how to organize my work flow better, so maybe I have a couple of things worth sharing.

Start with your mindset.

Being a firm believer in the power of the mind, I think that success can only happen if you begin with making a conscious decision; in this case, a decision to be more organized in your work. Sure, you’ll have missteps along the way, but if you’ve got your mind firmly set on a goal, you’re halfway there (or some percentage at least).

Use a calendar.

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Organization does not come naturally to everyone, and if you need help remembering what to do, when to do it, how long to spend on a task, etc., then a calendar is a no brainer.

I used to rely on Google Calendar – still do, in fact, but I’ve recently linked it to iCal, just because the latter is more visually appealing. Everything I do – work and personal tasks alike – go in my calendar.

Now, it’s easy enough to come up with a schedule. Here’s the challenge: once you have written something down in your calendar, do your utmost best to stick to it.

Another tip: end your work day by planning out your tasks for the next day.

To-do lists/apps DO work.

Whether you prefer a paper notebook, Trello, or some other to-do app, it does not matter. What does count is that you don’t always commit tasks to memory. Human memory does fail!

Besides, there is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with ticking off tasks as done!

Be accountable to someone.

This is very important in your quest to become an organized blogger. Whether you are working on keeping to a time schedule every day, or you are keeping up with your editorial calendar, it helps if you have someone else to answer to.

If you work for someone, of course, accountability is a given. If you work on your own, engage the help of fellow bloggers, friends, or family members. Tell them about what you’re trying to do and be specific about it. Ask them for help so that they can keep you accountable. You might be surprised at how effective a motivation this can be.

Keep creating good habits.

Last, just keep going. Once you have set your mind to becoming a more organized blogger, and you take those steps – even little ones – just keep going.

As I said earlier, you’ll have setbacks. You’ll fail to follow what you’ve written in your calendar. You’ll miss writing a post that you’ve scheduled for a certain day. You’ll miss an email – or two, or ten.

You’ll get better, though. As you go along, you’ll find a workflow that suits you best, and as long as you keep making adjustments for the better, you’ll end up with good habits that will stay with you for a lifetime.