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OriginalSignal Relaunches

Looking to aggregate all the coolest sites online, OriginalSignal relaunches with a new look, and some new features.
A great tool for niche bloggers that are part of the echo of online publishing, OriginalSignal also makes a great starting page for those interested in technology, movies, or geek stuff.
Currently, my favourite page is the world events area, which allows me to give a quick glance at Yahoo, BBC, Google, CNN, and others. This is a great way to find out what the “important” world news is at any given time.
The new design works well, though I find the site a little slow moving. If you don’t like OriginalSignal for whatever reason, there is always Popurls. Between the two sites, I can find out what’s going on around the world from the most important social media and social news sites out there and find stories to cover that I never would have found otherwise.
(Note: I know you can create your own start pages thanks to a variety of services, or clutter up your RSS subscriptions by adding all these sites, that’s not the point.)