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Outsourcing Content Creation

Darren Rowse recently talked about outsourcing content creation on blogs and how more and more people are having others write on their blogs. I am both on the receiving end as well as the giving end of such work. I write for the Bloggy Network on various sites, more earlier in my career than now, but basically Jacob, the owner of the sites, didn’t have time to write on them all. This in turn provided me a job and even better, one that I still enjoy to this day.
On the flip side, in making money from creating content, I was able to slowly afford to have people write for me on some niche sites I have long been wanting to pursue and that is how one of the newer Bloggy Network blogs, LifeSpy, was created.
Darren gives some great reasons why adding people to your blog can be a great idea.

Why would you want to outsource elements of your blogging (particularly content creation) by adding new authors to your blog? Well there are numerous advantages that immediately leap to mind:

  • fresh ideas
  • new styles/voices
  • less reliance upon you personally to drive the brand
  • introduce new skills, opinions, experiences and expertise into the mix
  • potentially increase posting frequency
  • having people in different time zones to keep things well maintained
  • gives you a break or allows you to focus on new projects

Check out his post on Problogger for more information, including some reasons why adding more bloggers can be a bad thing.