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Overcoming Adversity: David Krug’s Tale

For those of you that did not know, a friend of mine, David Krug was recently imprisoned in Mexico for ten days. I had thought something had happened when I stopped hearing from him, but I assumed it was something more simple as just having a cold or something.
He is slowly covering his prison experience, as well as the time leading up to it on his blog Celebrity Cowboy, and has recently taken time to write a post on the Blog Herald commending bloggers like Darren Rowse and Duncan Riley for being able to continue blogging despite all the things life has thrown at them.
He also brings up how great of a community the blogosphere can be in helping people deal with just about anything. I am happy to hear positive words coming from him after everything he has been through.

Over the last few months I have faced more adversity than I probably ever have in my life in a short period of time. Yet it’s been bloggers who have kept me upbeat and refreshed. To me this is what is so great about the blogosphere. It’s filled a void in my life that was largely missed before.
The blogosphere is my family and it has treated me overwhelmingly well. Often times providing a source of income, friendship and community in places I never imagined. Just like the real world their are bumps and things that don’t make sense but its refreshing to see in our world today.

We live in a great world, when a person can be motivated, consoled, and counselled by people he has never met before, and it actually helps them.