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Overlooked Ways to Gain Blog Traffic

I can’t help but notice there are certain overlooked ways to gain blog traffic, as many publishers only focus on more traditional methods instead.

While we all love talking about SEO and guest blogging, there are also various ways to get more viewers to your content in fun and unexpected ways.

Thinking outside the box can be a tricky thing for many, especially when there are traditional, tried-and-true methods out there. But how else would we know what works best for our blog niche otherwise?

Let’s explore a few of these underused blogging options, shall we?

Publish News Content

Most websites tend to focus on traditional articles, mainly consisting of tutorials and opinions. Have you ever considered a news section for your blog?

This brings several benefits to the table, including:

News pieces are short and sweet. This means they’re easy to write and often require minimum research (due to their overall length).

If your blog focuses on neuroscience, for example, visit the Google News section and search for related terms to stay well-informed about this field. You may also create an alert to receive said news straight to your inbox.

More content equals more search traffic over time. If you consistently publish news pieces daily (or almost daily), chances are you’ll naturally use certain keywords which then leads to higher traffic.

This is especially true if you cover highly niche or specific information, such as relatively rare terms that are not saturated by every website out there.

You can share the news on popular places. For example, did you know that Reddit has a mega popular subreddit dedicated solely to sharing news content? This subreddit alone is enough to bring hundreds / thousands of views to your blog depending on the content in question.

You may also share news pieces in other places that are primarily maintained by the community, including LinkedIn groups and aggregation platforms like Medium.

Consistency leads to returning visitors. Last but not least, many people will keep visiting your website to get their daily / weekly news fix. This only works if you remain consistent, but the results are definitely worth the effort.

Curate and Aggregate Industry Jobs

news aggregatorI recently wrote about starting a successful job board, mainly for those who wish to have a full-blown jobs service and nothing more.

That being said, you can add the occasional job to your website (as opposed to taking them very seriously) and still gain traffic over time.

Let’s say that your blog focuses on app development, for instance. Similarly to the news section above, you can have a category dedicated to noteworthy development gigs for your audience.

If you publish one or two jobs per day, that’s up to 60 opportunities every single month. This helps existing visitors (developers) keep visiting your website while also attracting new ones as your blog grows.

Perform a similar marketing tactic as the news section, sharing the occasional job on niche Linkedin groups and other social platforms where your audience hangs out.

Refer to the aforementioned article for the best ways to add jobs to your blog.

Become an Authority Source

In other words, become the very best at providing something specific. The point is to become an authority and gain a following as visitors share your unbelievably superb content.

This isn’t necessarily restricted to articles, as you can focus on anything that brings people a huge benefit, advantage, or relief. For example:

  • A section with the largest amount of niche jobs
  • The largest list of quality guest blogging websites
  • A big, up-to-date list of coupons within certain industries
  • A technical, web-based app that visitors can rely on

In fact, I always ensure that my own website covers the largest list of remote writing jobs as well as guest blogging opportunities. This has led many bloggers to happily reference my resources over the years, thus increasing traffic in the process.

For a full list of ideas, visit a subreddit called /r/sideproject via Here you’ll find tons of small and big projects with a lot of potential. While you shouldn’t copy someone else’s idea, you can always use this source for endless inspiration.

Gamify Your Entire Website

gamify blog wordpress gamificationI have always been highly intrigued by the concept of gamification. This consists of adding certain “fun mechanics” to your blog and making things feel like a game, of sorts.

For example, some of you may remember an old website called Squidoo. You would earn points for performing certain actions like publishing new articles, commenting, among other things.

Gamification has a magical way to pull you right in — as long as you execute the right ideas. Think about this scenario, as a small example:

You open up your blog for regular contributors. They can gain points by publishing new content, commenting on others’ posts, replying to existing comments, sharing content on social media, and so on…

The user with the highest amount of points is shown in a leaderboard, perhaps called “Top 10 Contributors.”

You can then reward the top contributor for their effort. This could be in the form of a $10 Amazon gift card or anything you wish, depending on the nature of your blog.

The above actions (performed by contributors) will naturally help increase traffic due to their continued effort in publishing and sharing content. The fun factor may also lead some people to invite their friends and family, especially if a prize is involved.

Sounds tempting? If so, here’s a nice list of gamification plugins for WordPress!






I have personally used gamification to great success in the past. This also adds a layer of fun to those niches that feel naturally boring.


While traditional methods are definitely reliable, using these subtle traffic strategies is always a breath of fresh air. Perhaps we’ll explore a second part to this series in the future, as there are still several little known ways to get more blog traffic out there.

In the meantime, feel free to implement any of the above tactics on your blog and let us know how it works out for you.