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Paul Kedrosky: The World Needs a New Blogging Tool

Paul Kedrosky of Infectious Greed recenty said that the world needs a new blogging tool, and that none of the current tools are good enough.

SixApart’s MovableType’s cumbersome legacy code prevents it from being all that it could be, and Matt & Toni at WordPress could use the competition (and they don’t have it all figured out either — yet!).

I have used Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type and others, and while more great blogging software, might help spur competition to get releases moving forward, and ending what I see to be a bit of stagnation as the different companies stop directly competing more and more, I do think that WordPress still has the best chance to come out on top, and take things to the next level.
I think one thing that WordPress really has to continue to commit to is the idea that one version of WordPress will never be good enough for everyone. And while their hosted service is helping in this realization, I think two or maybe even three WordPress types would also help if they had the man power. A personal package, a business package, and a multiblog package (I don’t count WordPress MU, as it still isn’t good enough, as of last time I tried it.) could really round Automattic’s offerings out, and bring them into as many markets as possible.
What do you think? Are there already enough/too many blogging tools? Or would you love to see a new one created to compete with WordPress, Expression Engine, Movable Type and others?
via A View from the Isle