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People Are Trying to Help You: Are You Listening?

Ahmed Bilal from Performancing has put up a great post reminding bloggers that we not only have to be distributors of great ideas, but we also have to listen to a variety of different people, as they might just be trying to help us reach that next level in our blogging.
A bit from the article:

As bloggers our job is to talk – we talk to our readers, we talk to advertisers, we talk to our employees, we talk smack with competitors – it’s pretty much a full-time talking job, blogging.
However, in all this talking we need to find the time to be quiet and listen to the people around us – to learn what they want, to learn from their suggestions, criticisms and support, and to spot ideas in what they do and say. Listening to others (and more importantly, to the right people) gives you the kind of knowledge few people can hope to attain, and with that comes the ability to do make a genuine difference in your own life and that of others.

He then goes on to talk about who we should be listening to with examples like readers, advertisers, and competition.
For more details on listening well to improve your blogging, check out the post on Performancing.