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Performancing and Pay Per Post Deal Falls Through

Darren Rowse pointed out some startling news, it seems the deal between Performancing and Pay Per Post wasn’t set in stone, and has now fallen through.
When I saw it, my jaw dropped as many of the people I know were not happy with Pay Per Post taking over Performancing’s Metrics blog stats package, and now that is no longer the case. Though this really means the end of the Metrics service as they state in their posting on

After much discussion, we’ve decided that the deal proposed by PayPerPost just isnt right for us or our community. It’s regrettable that we should part ways as I still feel that Dan and Ted are stand up guys breaking new ground, but in the end, the deal was just not right for them or us.
Open Source
Our free blog statistics package, Metrics will be given back to the community with our thanks — we can no longer run it, which means the service will end, but we hope that the developer community will make good use of the code and that we can continue to help the project by hosting it and providing support where we can.