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Performancing Blogger Hates WordPress 2.5

Raj Dash has put up a post on about his recent experiences with WordPress 2.5 and he is not happy. He goes so far as to list every major issue he has had with the software so far, and sums it all up with this:

Automattic, you seriously dropped the ball on this. WordPress 2.5 is an enormous disappointment in the simplest of features. As an experienced (but retired) programmer, I can say with confidence that you don’t release significant interface changes in mid-version software. People that are expecting minor fixes might be shocked. V2.5 should have been renumbered to V3.0. If it had, more people might think twice before making a “big jump” from 2.x to 3.0. I’m so glad that I didn’t install WP 2.5 on a production site, but I do have to use it on several client sites – something I don’t relish.
You’ve now lost one of your most active WordPress evangelists…

Then in the comments, he notes that it is only power-users that will hate the WordPress 2.5 experience, as many newer bloggers have chimed in to let him know how wrong he is about the latest version of WordPress.
What are your thoughts on what Raj has to say?