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Performancing Partners Sends First Payments

Darren over at Problogger, got his first payment from Performancing Partners, a new ad network that has been getting a fair bit of buzz.
He mentions that he only got mid-three figures with the network so far, but I think that’s pretty great for a first month, and while that might be down from other ad networks in similar places, he needs to put it into perspective. If he is getting mid-three figures a month from one ad position on a bunch of sites, he is doing better than most bloggers out there.

It wasn’t a massive amount (in the mid ‘three figure’ range) but not bad for a first month. I’m not sure exactly how much of it was from advertisers and how much was from the affiliate program (they say there will be better reporting next month) but it was a nice little bonus to get for the month.

Also, being that it is their first month, the number of advertisers on the Performancing Partners network might not be as full as it will be in coming months, meaning more revenue for the publishers.
It looks like this might be another advertising network to watch as we bloggers continually try to find new ways to monetize the work we do, without annoying our readers too much.
If you have been paid from Performancing Partners, please let me know. Darren’s results on any ad network are going to be a little different than most average folks.