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Performancing Services Launched: High-End Blog Services

For a long time, I have wondered why there haven’t been more groups organizing themselves to cater to the companies that want to jump into blogging and do it right. Finally, Performancing, a Splashpress Media brand, has filled that void with Performancing Services. Performancing Services brands itself as high-end social media marketing and blog management.
They have launched with three unique, and interesting services, with a price tag that might be beyond the average blogger, but with a value that is worth much more than the basic dollar figure they charge.
The first service is Authority Builder. Authority Builder is a twelve month full-service plan that will establish your blog as an authority site in its niche.
With Authority Building Service You Will Get:

  • Monthly social media campaigns
  • A full blog design and/or redesign
  • Increased exposure to mainstream media
  • Quality resources that will continue attracting attention
  • A massive increase in search engine referrals

The cost for this service is currently $2,700 USD per month, charged quarterly. If you want to get started building authority, then head on over to Performancing Services Authority Builder.
The second service is Social Media Marketing. In a world where certain posts get to the front page of social media websites, and others do not, the Social Media Marketing service will craft and promote an article to bring in a flood of traffic and attention, something that sites are hurting for more and more as people hit their saturation point of online content.
What you get with a Performancing Social Media Marketing Campaign

  • Attention grabbing “link bait” content to make maximum impact
  • Content that is useful, interesting AND begs to be bookmarked
  • Submission and promotion on the major social bookmarking sites to spread the message
  • Inbound links from partner sites to provide a search engine jump start
  • Campaign performance report outlining what worked and what your next steps should be

This service is a modest $3,700 US, but the rewards from a successful social media marketing campaign are endless. Check out the Social Media Marketing area of Performancing Services.
The third service recently launched is the Blog Management Service which is broken down into three different parts. There is the Blog Launch service, which will include a custom blog design, a month of professional maintenance from the Performancing Services team, and a social media marketing campaign. This will set you back $4,700 US.
Then there is the Blog Reboot service, which gives you access to the Performancing team for a week which can help increase traffic, monetization and user participation. This currently costs $970 US.
Lastly, there is the Blog Maintenance service, one of the services that I can see the most people going for, in my personal opinion. It includes bloggers, designers, and programmers keeping a blog running, smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. It includes social media campaigns, blog articles, and blog software updates. An amazing service for $2900 US.
For more information, check out the Blog Management page.
With a list of people including, Ryan Caldwell, Chris Garrett, Randa Clay, Raj Dash, Dee Barizo, JD Arney, Ahmed Bilal, and Deborah Ng, anyone that signs up is in great hands. This is an online rock star talent list.
If you want to have the best chance at succeeding with your blogging efforts, you definitely need to check out Performancing Services.