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Podcast Roundup for March 2nd, 2008

As things continue to progress, and we get closer to the next major release of WordPress, the podcasting scene continues to grow, and increase in pace. With two weekly shows about WordPress, I feel like we are getting all of our news, but now Performancing, a sister blog to Blogging Pro is getting their podcasting groove on talking about blogging in a more general sense. Called Perfcast, their first episode has them talking about building a powerful blog.
WordPress Weekly continues with their weekly episodes, pushing the show to Saturday instead of their usual Friday night recording time. This meant that I wasn’t able to participate, but the show turned out great anyways. If you want to learn more about WordPress Mu, Episode 8 is the one you want to listen to.
The WordPress Podcast also has a new episode up with Charles and Jonathan Bailey chatting a little about the lack of new news and plugins for them to discuss before talking about plagiarism and theft of copyrighted material. They slipped a little from their weekly recording schedule, but hopefully they can stay on track going forward.