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Podcast Theme Music

Podcasting is becoming a great addition to many of the blogs out there, covering a variety of subjects, podcasts can sometimes do what text alone cannot. One of our Bloggy Network blogs, Apple Gazette has just launched a podcast, and while the music was created by Michael himself, that is not the route that many people go.
In fact, I wanted to write up this post to mention a great service used by podcasts such as TWiT called Podcast Themes.
The service cost ranges from $25 – $500, but it can be well worth it if you want a professional sounding intro song and exit song. Mark Blasco, the creator of the site, and the audio within, has also released a few free mp3’s for use as introduction and exit music for your podcasts, but he asks for a mention as well as an e-mail on where it is being used.
Some great music, and a fair price. I hope to hear more about Podcast safe music both free and paid.