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Popular Ideas for WordPress 2.8

As much progress is quickly being made towards WordPress 2.8, many people are wondering what the next version of WordPress is going to bring. Everyone has become quickly used to the new administration panel design, but are there features still missing that people want?
Definitely, and the WordPress Ideas section is a continual list of the need of WordPress to continue its development further.
Some of the most popular ideas currently include:

  • Trust me when I edit HTML
  • Make it faster
  • Open ID Integration

I am not concerned with OpenID, but the other ideas are definitely on my top list when it comes to WordPress. It was recently discussed in depth on WordPress Weekly, that WordPress needs work in the speed department.
What are your most important enhancements? What is WordPress missing for you? Just because it isn’t on the top of the ideas list, doesn’t mean it isn’t important, so have your say in the comments below.