WordPress seo and social media plugins

Great content is the bottom line of getting – and maintaining – traffic to your blog. However, a blogger cannot ignore SEO and social media. These topics have been talked and written about over and over again, but there must be a good reason for that: they are essential to optimizing your blog and expanding your reader base.

If you’re using WordPress, like countless other bloggers and online publishers today, then you’re in luck due to the nature of the platform. Your life is made so much easier by WordPress SEO and social media plugins that developers have released for the public to take advantage of.

The great thing about these WordPress SEO and social media plugins is that you don’t even have to be an SEO expert to benefit from them. You just need to read the plugin notes, and you’ll be able to figure most of them out, and then you’re good to go.

But what WordPress SEO and social media plugins should you use on your blog?

With the proliferation of these tools, you might get overwhelmed. You might use too many and end up not benefiting at all. You may even encounter incompatibility issues, which will probably mess up your blog – at least on the back end.

BESTPLUGINS have done some of the legwork for bloggers, especially beginning ones, and compiled the best WordPress SEO and social media plugins in an infographic that will narrow down your options.

If you take a close look at the plugins presented in the infographic, you will probably recognize several of them – they’re not called the most popular for nothing, after all – but you’ll also find some that you might want to install on your blog.

From All in One SEO Pack to AddToAny to SEO Ultimate to Social Media Feather – this infographic will be useful for any blogger.

WordPress SEO and social media plugins
Source: Best WordPress Plugins

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