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Prince and Effective Blogging

Brian Clark thinks about things in the strangest ways, but it works. In a recent post on Copyblogger, he talks about something that Prince, yeah that Prince, can teach us all about blogging.

The fact is, Prince has always been a marketing genius as well as a musical prodigy. He knew to juke when everyone else was jiving; zig when the crowd was zagging.
Here’s the man himself on his early approach:
Times were different back then,” Prince explains. “I wouldn’t stand out today if I was brand-new and came like that. But see, back then nobody else was doing that, and I knew that would get me over. I didn’t dress like anybody, I didn’t look like anybody, I didn’t sound like anybody. We still try to do that. Why do what everybody else is doing?

What a strange way to tell us all to try to be thought leaders, and do something new. I guess that’s Copyblogger for you.