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ProBlogger Paternity Leave Plans

Darren Rowse is getting ready to receive his first child into the world, and as all other parents out there know, it can be a crazy time for the family. Darren has let it be known that he is planning on taking around two weeks off, and has set in motion a plan for his sites while he is gone.
He has always been great at keeping things moving forward. I am not sure if he needs any help with his content blogs, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. If you are looking for some extra exposure and blogging practice, maybe shoot Darren an e-mail to see how you can help while he is gone. I got my big break by being a guest writer for his Laptops Blog when he went away on vacation before.
It looks like he has suficiently covered though by using a variety of blog filling methods:

  • Aaron Brazell from Technosailor will continue to do some posts in my absence. He’ll probably write a few more than his normal one post per week column.
  • One Question Interviews – yesterday I sent emails out to a number of fairly high profile bloggers asking them to participate in a ‘one question interview’. I won’t reveal the question at this point but it’s one that allows them to answer with anything between a one liner and a more comprehensive post. So far I’ve had a number of great responses from bloggers that I admire. I’ll be posting these responses throughout the week or two after Mini’s been born.
  • Guest Posts – I’ve also got a couple of other one off guest posts lined up from regular readers. One has come from a comment that a reader left that I thought should be elevated to the main blog and another is something a reader submitted especially.
  • Miscellaneous Posts – there will be a few other miscellaneous posts scattered among the interviews and Aaron’s posts. Some I’ll do as advance posts, others I’ll write as normal between all the baby things that I’ll be doing. My own contributions to ProBlogger will be a little lighter than normal but I’ll still be here.

Sad to say that I have not got the interview question yet. It must have been lost in the e-mail server or something, right Darren?