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Problogger’s Group Video Project

Darren has announced that he wants to do a video version of his group writing projects. I couldn’t be more excited to see what people come up with. The subject for the first one is “Why I Blog”.

One of the things I am most excited about is seeing what everyone produces so that I can figure out what is the best way to produce a video blog. Having the masses all come together and create their own videos could provide us all with the chance to see which service has the best quality, interface, and speed. It could also give us information on which equipment setups work well, which software works well, and much more beyond just the answer to the question Darren has posed.

My hope with this project is that it’ll be fun, drive a little traffic back to your blogs, that it’ll help us each learn more from one another about the video medium and that it’ll evangelize blogging a little in the process and shed some light on why and how people are using blogging.

We have only until April 1st to upload and link to our video in his comments to join in on the fun, so check out the post on Problogger and get shooting.