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Productivity Tips to Help Students Manage Their Freelance Writing


It’s common among college and even high school students to hold a part-time writing job for extra income or to help pay for their tuition. Instead of going the same route as with most students do, these students are already building up the skills they can use after graduation by putting them to good use at the moment.

As admirable as this sounds, there’s a tendency among students to prioritize their part-time jobs instead of studying for their classes. The allure of money is hard to resist, especially if they start earning lots of money from their hard work. As a result, their grades might suffer, which may lead you to put your education in the backburner.

As a student aspiring to earn a degree, do not let your part-time job get in the way of graduation. In fact, there’s a way to maintain both your high grades in school and high performance as a freelance writer. Below are tips and tools to use to help you get to organize and manner your work and school tasks better and more efficiently.

Use productivity apps

The difficulty of juggling school and work is the chance of mixing up the schedule of your tasks. By using productivity apps featured in this post, you will be able to not only organize your tasks and schedule them appropriately but also increase your efficiency in doing both.

The online tools found in the link above can be downloaded from your smartphone or tablet. It helps you take notes of the most important things you need to do for the day, increase your focus on certain tasks, and collaborate with your peers online in getting your job done faster.

Get someone to write your essays for you

Creative messy workplace with laptop and stationery

Creative messy workplace with laptop and stationery

This is a controversial topic but it needs to be included here nonetheless. Using essay writing services to help produce your essay is a questionable practice among students in the academe. At the same time, you can’t argue how helpful this service is, especially if you have no interest in the subject you’re writing an essay for or if there’s an emergency that disables you to submit the paper on time (family crisis, passing away of a relative, etc.).

The rationale behind this is that, instead of dedicating time writing on a paper that you don’t feel strongly about, you can spend it on doing something more productive. In this case, it’s being a freelance writer.

Despite this, essay writing services are frowned upon even by students. However, do not hesitate to visit Omnipaper blog about writing services that you may want to try out if the need comes up.

Use your free time wisely

If you find yourself with free time on your hands, make sure that you spend it in a productive manner. One way of doing this is by incorporating leisure into your schedule. The Journal of Happiness Studies published a study that proves how leisure and free time contributes to a person’s well-being.

In order to be truly productive in school and at work, you need to find happiness in what you’re doing.  This post determines the five ways that explain how leisure is conducive to our overall disposition.

Reading up about the different ways can help you determine the kinds of activities that you need to do if you have time on your side. For example, reading a work of fiction can be leisurely only to a certain point – you need to find other hobbies and activities to stimulate leisure that you can spread out during the day.


The tips featured above should give you a better sense of how to balance your freelance writing job and your schoolwork.

Being able to organize your tasks according to time and priority, as well as finding time to be happy, will help you benefit from graduating in time and jumpstarting your writing career.

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