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Protect CSS Modifications for Any WordPress Theme

Chris Pearson is a designer I really respect, and recently he has given another tip out that while some keen web developers might know, most people playing around with editing themes, might not. It is that the changes you make could be put in a special custom file so you don’t have to re-change the included CSS file with a theme, each time it is updated.

Whenever one of your favorite theme frameworks is updated, you have to identify the new changes, re-implement your CSS mods, and then move ahead from there. That might not sound so bad, but I know there are tons of you out there who make hundreds of modifications. Suddenly, that molehill really is a mountain.
Are you sure you want to keep spinning your wheels every time a new version of your preferred framework is updated? What you need, my friend, is a futureproof, bulletproof means of protecting your CSS mods so that you can ride the wave of agile development without the associated headache from upgrading!

Check out Pearsonified for all the details.