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Publish Your Blog on the Kindle

Up until now, there have been very few blogs available for the Amazon Kindle. Those days are over now though, thanks to the “Kindle Publishing for Blogs BETA
It sounds pretty cool actually. You get to make your blog available to a bazillion (give or take a few) potential new readers, and even get 70/30 split revenue sharing(the 70% going to Amazon). It seems like Amazon is doing the pricing, and it tends to average around $2 a month, but without knowing how they are making that decision, it’s hard to say if that is likely to change or not.
I’m not sure how fast this will spread, but it will be pretty nice to have access to a lot more blogs on the Kindle, and is a very good sign of things to come.
What do you think, should BloggingPro spread into the world of the Kindle? I’m not sure, but it’s interesting to ponder just how this will change blogging in the semi-near future.