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Put Some Personality Into Your Blog

Lorelle goes over some points that I have been meaning to capture lately.

What happened to the “creative” in creative writing? What happened to the magic of storytelling, where you hang on every word, eager for the next one? What happened to solid, entertaining writing? Writing that makes you think? That tugs at your brain hours after you’ve walked away from your computer?

I think more and more the personality of the blog is what will set it apart from others and I really want to convey that here. If you write your blog like it is a technical document, then you should not be surprised when your traffic is not as high as another site that uses more entertaining forms of writing.
It might be hard for you to convey energy and personality through your blog, but that is where practice and outside help can come into play. Lorelle suggests starting a series, interview someone, or just look for inspiration.