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Questions About Premium Plugin Business Models

A new friend of mine, Jamie Oaster has put up a post talking about potential business models for premium WordPress plugin makers, and basically, if it is worth pursuing creating a premium plugin. This brings us back to the whole GPL versus not-GPL argument that has gone on forever. Jamie raises some very interesting points, and I am very hopeful that the community will head on over to his post and chime in.
Here is a short quote from the post:

But there is an air of change in the WordPress development community and I have tracked down the source of the smell. For large(r) concept plugins which significantly modify or enhance the basic functionality of WordPress, developers are investing serious amounts of time to create and test their plugins. Their time is worth money and I think it is entirely fair that they seek compensation for their efforts. By offering theme designers the opportunity to profit from the captive audience, I believe that Matt Mullenweg / Automattic have effectively given their blessing to the concept of premium themes and plugins. If you can find a sustainable way to generate income in context of the GPL, pick a domain name and start coding!

Jamie then goes on to list potential business models as he sees them. A very important post in the ever changing landscape of WordPress additions. Check it out on