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Rant Against Multiple Page Posts

Lorelle has taken up the cause against multiple page posts. Newspapers online have been doing this for a while. I always just click their print version button to get it all in one nice, neat package with no advertising.
Bloggers don’t give me this same option, and most of the time, I only get through page one, jump to the last page, and then leave. So if you have a six page article you put up. I doubt I will ever read more than page one and page six, unless it is amazing.
As usual, Lorelle is right on the money about the factors against multiple page posts:

Paged post links also add clutter to the page, along with the social bookmarking icons, post meta data section, advertising, and all the other clutter on a page. Why add more clutter for something that doesn’t function well in the first place?
I have been frustrated for years about the dividing up of post content and articles across multiple pages. Aren’t you tired of it? It’s old thinking in a new world.
Blogs are about communicating and interaction. They are about creating and maintaining relationships with your audience. If you are doing anything that interferes with their ability to read your blog posts and access your blog, you are just putting barriers up between your content and your readers.

If you do it, and think its a great idea, I’d love to know why. Leave a comment if you love them or hate them.