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The Reader-Blogger Relationship

The Reader-Blogger Relationship

As a blogger, your objective is to drive lots of traffic to your blog in order to meet your other goals. To do this, you must enticeyour target audience by implementing well-crafted strategies on your blog to get their attention.

Being a blogger sounds a lot like courtship. You, as a blogger playing the lover, resort to different ways in order to capture the heart of your beloved and/or love interest, which is your targetedreader.

The blogger-reader relationship is a roller-coaster ride. There will be dry spells when readers aren’t flocking to your blog to read your latest posts. Worse, some would reject your blog outright because it doesn’t meet their standards. However, if you do the right things, your blog will be the apple of your readers’ eyes. Below are blogging tips on how you can achieve the latter.

Attraction: content

The quality of content you produce speaks to who you are, not only as a writer, but also as a person. There are many components involved in creating content that your audience wants, so I will simply refer you to the well-written “The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content” by Zach Bulygo at KISSmetrics.

However, before being able to produce great content, you need to refine the topic or scope of your blog to target your audience much better. For this, I point you to Jonathan Bailey’s post here at BloggingPro titled “How to Choose What to Blog About.”

Visibility: SEO and social media

blogger reader relationship

Searching engine optimization (SEO) and social media are similar to makeup or beautiful clothes. While these merely enhance your appearance, wearing clothing that suits your body type or applying makeup to accentuate your distinct features help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Applying this idea to blogging, you lose your chance of receiving traffic from users looking for information you’ve created if you don’t make your blog rank in search results or deliver your content to your social media followers. By optimizing for search results and sharing your content on Twitter and Google+, you are able to make the latest postsbe seen by more people, which means more chances of driving blog traffic.

To pull off SEO correctly on your blog posts, read “10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post” at Yoast. With regard to sharing your blog using social media, check out “How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media,” again at KISSmetrics.

Doing the extra work

Seal the deal with your readers by making the extra effort to take your relationship to the next level. As a blogger, you need to give reasons for your readers to return to your blog for more, if not encourage them to become dedicated supporters. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a newsletter sign-up: Deliver your latest content and updates about your blog straight to their e-mail to they won’t have to drop by occasionally to see if there’s a new blog post. You can set up a sign-up widget using Feedburner or MailChimp so visitors can register.
  • Twitter outreach: There’s so much more potential readers to reach out to in social media, especially Twitter. You can do this by doing a quick search using your keyword or topic and placing a “?” at the end of your query. What this does is return a list of users who have asked questions about the topic you searched for. From here, you can deliver them content from your blog that answers a specific question they have for additional traffic.
  • Hold contest: Arguably, the best and most effective way to cultivate your relationship with your readers is holding contests rewards users for their engagement. This is also a great way to give thanks to your subscribers and regular visitors for helping you build a great blog. Learn how to do this correctly by reading “How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest” at Social Media Examiner.

Treating your readers like you would in a relationship by following the tips above, and expect toget the “happy ever after ending” you and your blog deserve.

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