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Redesign Blogging Pro?

I am thinking about getting a redesign of Blogging Pro done. We’ve been using this theme for over a year now, and I think it is starting to show its age, especially since we’ve given the theme out for free for nearly a year as well.
I was trying to think about the pro’s and con’s of redesigning this blog, and stumbled upon a great article relating to blog redesigns on Blog Design Blog from October, 2008, entitled, The Secret to a Great Blog Redesign.

Making visual changes just for the sake of change itself will result in a prettier blog, but that does not necessarily mean a better blog. You can actually make it worst if your redesign is not built with your goals in mind. You can’t hit a target you cannot see.
Just like social media and SEO, your blog design is a tool, a means to an end and not the end in itself. Reassess your goals and allow them to guide your decisions when redesigning your blog.

I definitely think that Blogging Pro needs a redesign for both making functionality and form better. Either way, the future of this blog requires at least a strong refinement in goals and direction. In fact, as we go forward, we have a fork in the road to figure out with the site: do we focus purely on WordPress or try to bring real diversity in regards to platforms at Blogging Pro?
The audience here is very WordPress-centric, and this has made exploring outside subjects, frustrating at best. When you have a captive audience, you’d rather not frustrate them for fear of loosing it, but this site isn’t WordPress Pro, it is Blogging Pro. Of course I don’t see myself taking on the role of telling you how to format your words, gain links, and whatnot, but instead, I enjoy pointing out tips, tricks, and giving the occasional advice on blogging from the more technical side. I love talking about the themes, plugins, and growth of an industry surrounding bloggers and catering to their needs.
Anyways, with all of that being said I’d love to know if you think Blogging Pro needs a redesign, and if so, should it focus more around delivering great WordPress content, or would you like to see it talk about many platforms? Your comments will help decide the fate of this site, and I don’t take the time and energy you spend letting me know your thoughts lightly.