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Relationship Bloggers: Variety of Connection Types

Liz Strauss has a post up on the Blog Herald about relationship bloggers and how like other niche bloggers they all have different styles of connecting with their readers.

Take for example, the place where we meet other bloggerss. Phil meets them at their blogs. I meet them at my blog and visit their blogs when I can. Mike visits their blogs when he can, but mostly meets bloggers face to face.

She also goes over what makes a relationship blogger. The main thing that sets them apart from other types of bloggers is that they really want to connect with other people.
It can be difficult to be a relationship blogger for some, and natural to others. The key tip I can give after reading this post, is to try to connect with other people, be it via their blogs comments, responding to the comments they leave, talking to them via instant messaging or Skype, or even meeting up with them at a coffee shop. You’ll be amazed at how much of a boost meeting new people and creating a connection can help with your blogging and even sometimes the overall feeling of your life.
Liz is definitely a relationship blogger, and a great person to connect with. Check out her full post at the Blog Herald.