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Removal of Theme Viewer Themes – No Warning for You!

Much has been said over the whole sponsored/not sponsored theme issue, and I really don’t want to touch on that again, but what I do want to talk about is how it is being dealt with, and the effects that the sweeping edit of what is and isn’t allowed effects the community.
Like many others, Cory Miller has had his themes removed from This wouldn’t be a big deal in itself, if it wasn’t for the way it was being handled.
Cory has this to say:

I found all but one of my themes were deleted … without warning … without the opportunity to update my themes to comply with the new policies, which I would have done … and without the ability to even login once I heard of the new policies.
So in effect, they have:

  • not given us a true deadline to remove or update our themes
  • not allowed us a grace period to update our themes to comply with their new rules
  • not allowed us to even login to update our themes

I don’t think this was the best way to effect a change in policy, but it is an interesting and valid point. I have also heard reports, and experienced first hand, that some of the themes removed, were not sponsored themes, which makes me wonder what the rules were.