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Rentacoder: Helping Customize Your Blog

Brendon Connelly of Slacker Manager recently needed to get a thing or two programmed in PHP as well as some CSS editing, and instead of taking his time and energy to do it himself, he outsourced it to

I set up an account, had my PayPal account verfied and submitted a project for bid.
I began getting project bids within about an hour and eventually racked up about a dozen or so bids, ranging from $8 to $50 (I know!). The first coder that responded was the one that I ended up using-devdive was super responsive and easy to work with. I ended up paying $25 via PayPal for a few modifications to a stylesheet and a php file. Easily worth the time savings for me.

While this idea might not be the best way for people to get things done on their blog, it is very much the way the market seems to be heading. I love that he did not go with the “cheapest” option, thus being a smart shopper. Brendon also mentions that people on Rentacoder and various other sites, not only are great with coding, but also whitepapers, ebooks and whatever else you can come up with. So if you are going away on a short holiday, maybe getting someone to write a thing or two while you are gone could be easy to find with a site like Rentacoder.
This could also be a great place to find someone willing to help customize your blog, so check out other things that are being bid on, and maybe you will either find yourself some work, or think of some things you would like done for yourself.
via Micro Persuasion