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Requesting Link Exchanges

Jamsi, of Work Boxers, has a post up talking about his recent experiences in link exchanging, and how impersonal some people are when requesting such an exchange.
He points out one that he recently got that is a great example of how not to do it:

To Whom It May Concern:
We came across your website today and would like to exchange links with you. If you are interested, please let us know how you would like to be listed. Our website, (name removed), is dedicated to listing resources helpful to those who search our website on various subjects. We currently get over 300 visitors daily.
We were hoping that you might consider linking to us and invite you to review our website at your convenience. If you think that a link to our website is appropriate, please add it to your site at your discretion. We suggest the following link and description:
Link details blah blah

Check out his article for tips on how to do it better.