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ReviewMe: Advertisement Posts Service

ReviewMe is going to be an attempt to try to fix some of the problems associated with other pay-per-post services by making sure that their are two ground rules:
1.) You have to disclose you are being paid for the post.
2.) You don’t have to make the post positive.

While I think disclosure is great, they seem to leave it up to the blog owner/writer to decide how disclosure is going to be done. Would a small bit of text in the footer be good enough? Or maybe on the about page, how about buried five pages deep in a post a long time ago?
I think that these types of problems will be common for such a service.
Another major issue I see, is that both rules will deter companies from wanting to take part. Much of the excitement for companies paying to be talked about would be not being regarded as an advertisement of sorts. If I was trying to push a product on all of you, I would not want you to know it was an advertisement, as you would all turn off your brains and filter that post out.
Also, if the review, or post does not have to be positive in nature, how does the review really help me? I suppose it would get me some links, but if someone searches for my product, let’s say they are Dave’s Blue Widgets, and you have talked about my widgets at great length saying how horrible they are, won’t a quick search engine check for Dave’s Blue Widgets, turn up that horrible review?
I am not saying that services like ReviewMe are not a great idea, I just wish they were handled in a better way, much more like the viral advertising campaigns of various cell phone makers and whatnot, where you get to test and keep the product they are trying to create buzz about. Not sure if a shift away from what I consider “forced posting” would be more helpful, but it could help stop the money greedy people taking advantage of the current pay-per-post services.
Still really interested in ReviewMe? Well, the service should launch in less than a month, and it is by the same folks that run Text Link Ads. They recently posted about the service on their Link Building Blog.
So if you have a highly trafficed, high Google Page Rank blog, and are looking for another way to make some income, this might be one of the best pay-per-post systems out there when it launches. (And no, this was not a paid post.)