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RSS Feeds Hurting Bloggers?

I have been watching the number of RSS subscribers here at Blogging Pro that are subscribing though FeedBurner. The number goes up and down, and it does not seem to corelate with the amount of traffic we get here, but I do wonder sometimes if we would have more visitors to the actual website if we did not have an RSS feed.
I know that I read many websites every single day without ever seeing their graphics or normal advertisements thanks to Bloglines and FeedDemon, but isn’t that hurting the person publishing the content? Some go to so much money, time and or trouble to get their site looking great, and implimenting ads in such a way that they are not annoying, intrusive or silly, and here I am reading their content without tipping my hat to them.
Many people have said to me that those that are reading RSS feeds, are most likely the type of people that won’t click on Adsense ads and whatnot, but as RSS feed reading becomes more prevalent, and even easier for people to use, will there come a day where massive amounts of users only ever read your site through sites like Bloglines? Then will we see a shift where most RSS feed readers allow advertisements in feeds to try to recoup some of the money that they were making from visitors actually coming to their site? I have seen some websites are already doing this, but so far, I have not heard them to be a resounding success.
Do you think RSS Feeds help or hurt bloggers and their sites or do they help spread the word about your site?
I am really hoping to get to the 2,000 mark for RSS subscribers on Blogging Pro as I still think while it might hurt ad revenue or whatever else, it is really interesting to know that people are so interested in what is going on with this site that they have taken the next step by subscribing.