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ScribeFire Updates to 3.4

ScribeFire is a great Firefox extension that adds a pile of blogging related features directly into Firefox.
It allows you to create (and edit) posts, set (and create) categories and tags, and generally does most of what you’d want to do when creating a new blog post directly from within Firefox at the click of a button.
Here’s a list of the blogging software and services it supports…

* Blogger
* Drupal
* Livejournal
* MSN/Live Spaces
* TypePad
* WordPress

The newest update fixes a small handful of bugs and adds a few features, such as support for custom post slugs for WordPress and the ability to export/import blog settings to and from other installations of ScribeFire, making it easy to setup multiple blogs on more than one computer.
One thing it’s still missing that I would really love to see in a future update is the ability to set the “parent” for a page in WordPress. It allows you to create pages, but if you want to set it’s parent you still have to go into the WordPress admin panel.
Still, it’s a great tool with enough features that most people probably would hardly ever need to use the built-in post editor for their blog again.