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For a long time the search function of WordPress has been the achilles heel of the publication platform and numerous plugins extending the WordPress search have been created and uploaded to WordPress Extend.

The team of IOIX Ukraine have developed a new WordPress plugin, SearchPlugins in collaboration with Splashpress Media, owner of this blog, to power the search function of your site, WordPress blog. After months of hard work we now are taking applications to our (closed) Beta program and will slowly roll out the new plugin, while we add more features to the functionality.

We are now taking applications to join the closed beta program and will on a regular basis add new Beta testers to the platform

To view results of the plugin just use the search functionality here at BloggingPro or check out the results for a search for blogging success here at BP.

How Does It Work?

Search Plugin by IOIX Ukraine can replace the WordPress standard search functionality with only one click. After activation of the plugin, you must enter your API key, which grants you access to the use of the proprietary search engine, and can then configure the plugin to replace the WordPress search functionality without having to make any design changes.

Once configured the search engine crawler will crawl the content of the sites you wish to include to your search results: you can add sites with use of the plugin or you can add sites you like to add related niche results. Best results are obtained if you install the plugin on all sites you wish to include in your search results.

Why Opt for Search Plugin by IOIX Ukraine?

Contrarily to most plugins, this search plugin is powered by an external, new search engine, with own algorithm, all while offering easy and seamless integration with your WordPress design. All you need to do is install the plugin, activate it and enter your API key.
In the plugin settings you can then replace the standard WordPress search with Search Plugin by IOIX Ukraine. You can even configure the plugin to automatically update whenever a new version is released.

Another main feature is that you can easily add several, owned or not owned, sites to the plugin’s search functionality, similarly to Google’s Custom Search Engine. Additionally you have the option to design the complete results page within the plugins settings and add your own (Adsense) ads or other content to the search results. Enjoy complete theming freedom

Complete Control of Search Results Display

While the search results will fall back on the main CSS rules of your theme you can also easily insert new CSS rules for the display of the search results and even control what elements are displayed. As can be seen in the screenshot from our example search for blogging success, you can opt to display the originating site, publication date and article author in the results and you can style everything easily thanks to the freedom and power of CSS.

Some Background Information

Upon installation of the plugin, a new page with links to all your published entries is created just for the ASM search engine crawlers. This allows us to restrict the search on every site you have installed the plugin to only the entries published and in a future version we can add several new elements to the plugin which could influence the way results are displayed/sorted. If the plugin is not installed on a site listed in your member area, the crawlers will index these sites the traditional way and follow every link they find.

Who is the Plugin Aimed At?

Although the plugin can be installed on every WordPress site, the plugin is mainly aimed at owners of several sites or publications, networks. With the plugin it becomes very simple to display results from several sites as you can see here in the search results on BloggingPro: a search for blogging books returns results from BloggingPro, The Blog Herald, Performancing link building and BusinessLogs.

Future Plans, Features

While we have only entered the closed Beta program and are aware that we still have to sort out several minor issues and make some tweaks, we would love to hear from you what features you would love to see from a search plugin for WordPress based sites.

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Join The Beta Program

You can read more about the Beta announcement at the Search Plugin blog.

Visit the Search Plugin by IOIX Ukraine website to sign up and join the Beta program.