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Selling on Blog: How to Do it Right

One way in making a profit from your blog is selling it. But, selling on a blog requires careful thinking and analysis. One way to succeed here is to think like your readers. Sure, you have a right amount of following, but some people may not react positively to this new offering of yours. Always consider what their problems are and try to solve it for them. Here are some tips we’ve listed to guide you on how to sell on your blog and how to do it right.

1. Build Trust and Credibility

Aside from creating content that gives values to your readers’ lives, make sure to spend a lot of time actively engaging with and reaching out to them.

According to Neil Patel, the most important thing is to be yourself because what you’ll mostly be selling on your blog is your brand itself.

Go ahead and find your voice that you’ll use to connect with them. Your primary focus is to build credibility and trust before you go and sell your products to them.

2. Make it Relevant and Authentic

Why are your readers following your blog? It’s because they are interested in the niche or topic you are blogging about.

To get ideas about what your audience would like to be seeing next, mine your comment section and social media accounts. What they’re saying may spark something and motivate you into helping them solve their problems in the future.

Lastly, being authentic is not just recommended, it’s a must if you still want your readers to stick around. People know if they are being fooled, and if you trick them into clicking a link that’s not what it says it is, then you have just lost a potential customer AND a loyal reader.

3. Consider Dropshipping

Of course, physical products can be profitable, but they can also be very time-consuming. If you want to sell your own branded products, you’ll have to consider the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping costs you’ll encounter. Best way to lessen your efforts is to consider dropshipping.

Even if you are relatively new to e-commerce, you may have already heard of drop shipping and curious as to what is it about. Dropshipping is where merchants (or bloggers) buy from third party suppliers or manufacturers and sell them in their stores or sites.

Before dropshipping has come into the scene, there were two major models in e-commerce; creating a product from scratch and buying products in bulk. Major setbacks can be seen in any models but these two, in particular, can both be time-consuming and not budget friendly.

According to Tomas Šlimas regarding what products to sell online, “dropshippers can decide their price markups and can run their businesses from virtually anywhere in the world.” This said you don’t have to worry about the storage and packaging of the product itself. And as a blogger, what you’ll mostly have to do is the marketing and selling the product.

4. Try Affiliate Marketing

One common way here is by writing reviews and tying them naturally in your relevant content. You can also place banner ads, buttons, or links to a certain website to your blog.

Now, the link you will use is not a regular link but is called an affiliate link. This directs your readers to the product and website with your digital signature attached. You make money by being the one who leads people to a place where they will eventually buy. A popular site, This Is Why I Am Broke, has already earned millions through affiliate marketing.

There are a bunch of other marketing channels out there, and Affiliate Marketing is something you may want to consider in the future when you already have an okay number of followers of your own. It’s a bit similar to dropshipping; budget friendly and time-efficient.

Wrapping it up

You are not alone in wanting to earn from your blog that’s a product of your hard work, time, and money. In selling on your blog, one more thing is to remember is to create a bond between you and your followers by offering them promos and discounts that are exclusive to them. This way, they’ll feel that you do care about them and want them to be an active follower still.

Lastly, know the right product you’ll sell on your blog and look at what your competitors are doing on their blogs. Common mistakes are bound to happen if you haven’t done your research about selling on your blog early on.

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