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Should I Promote My Blog on TikTok?

It’s easy to dismiss TikTok as a place where young people go to waste their time.

It’s also easy to assume that blogging has no chance of survival in a place like that.

After all, your ultimate goal as a blogger is to profit, and experience has taught you that young people hate being sold to, no?

Thankfully, this popular social medium can be fully leveraged to connect with people even if your brand is largely corporate at heart.

The key here is to join the crowd as a fellow TikToker who likes to genuinely have fun. So if you’re still asking, should I promote my blog on TikTok? the answer in most cases is a definite Yes.

First Thing’s First: TikTok’s Algorithm is Unpredictable

Since the dawn of social media, we have come to expect their algorithms to act in somewhat predictable ways: Views, likes, comments, and overall engagement can push your content toward the top.

TikTok, however, is quite different and often does whatever it feels like doing.

A person may get tens of thousands of views in one video, followed by practically nothing with their next attempt (even if posting the same topic on the same day, at the same time).

One thing seems certain, though: You will often get many more views when your account is still new. This is theoretically done either to get you hooked, or to help kickstart your account with ease.

This is partly how I got to over 20,000 followers with relative ease, although my growth has now slowed down a bit.

No worries; this article, combined with TikTok’s robust support center, should give you plenty to get started.

Add Your Website / Instagram / YouTube Link to Your Bio

tiktok for bloggingYou’re a blogger, so chances are you have at least one of these traffic sources readily available.

Simply click “Edit Profile” (located just under your Profile picture) and add any of your available venues.

While this action alone will NOT magically grant you traffic, it is a basic feature that should be leveraged for later use. I’ll cover this in more detail later in this article.

Even Boring Niches Can Work

Alright, this is where we get to analyze the basic nature of TikTok’s audience…

The average person is in their teens and 20s
They’re fairly comfortable with technology
They love humor and lighthearted content
They value anything that’s hip, cool, and fresh

How to blend in: If you only post videos teaching something to people, chances are they’ll lose interest immediately. Nobody wants to hear you painfully describe ‘How to Save Money Fast’ anyway.

Instead, use trending songs even if it’s just in the background while you explain something. And definitely make your voice and mannerisms somewhat lively.

You’ll also want to vary your videos with actions and not just words.

Let’s say that you’re promoting a typical ‘Make money online’ blog. Picture this scenario for a video idea:

You wake up in a poor-looking bedroom, wearing old clothes (you’re clearly poor)
Then, you grab a letter that arrived in the mail
Without showing the contents of the letter, your jaw drops
Your face goes from depressed to unbelievably excited
You suddenly scream, “YES! OMG!” and you’re suddenly wearing nice clothes and looking much more presentable
Lastly, the words “Link in Bio” appear on the screen and the video ends

Did you picture the above scenario in your head? This would make people curious as to why you’re suddenly so happy and successful, leading some viewers to actually visit your website.

Think of other quirky ideas like the one above, as even the most boring niches can survive on TikTok if you’re creative enough.

Make Some Videos Irrelevant to Your Niche

promote blog tiktokThis is important; remember that TikTok users like to have fun and see varied content. Talking to them constantly about your niche will slowly get them tired of the same old thing, resulting in low engagement and unfollowers.

This is why many of your videos must be completely irrelevant to your main blogging niche.

I follow a handful of artists and most of their videos have nothing to do with promoting their music, which makes them highly relatable to their followers (because the artists act just like your average Joe).

Even magicians tend to post content not related to magic, making them seem more fresh and relevant overall.

So, what type of non-blogging content should you post? That’s easy…

Check Out the Discover Page

Bloggers have taught you that being unique is a good thing, but on TikTok, following trends works best.

Simply tap “Discover” from the app’s options at the bottom of the screen.

tiktok discover

TikTok is all about replicating sounds and memes, so you may see a million people dancing to the same song or copying a popular action…

Although replicating a meme is just fine, you should occasionally add your own twist to throw off viewers with something they didn’t expect.

For example, if a meme is based on people catwalking like a model, you can do it but pretend to fall face-flat on the floor at the very end of the video.

This allows you to follow a trend while still being unique in your own right, which could suddenly result in more viewers copying you or sharing your version with others.

Collaborate With Others in Your Niche

tiktok collaborationsCollaborating with fellow content creators applies to pretty much every platform, and TikTok is no exception to the rule.

Start by visiting the Discover page and search for others in your niche through keywords or hashtags. I suggest you only target those who are slightly more popular than you, as opposed to big influencers.

Follow those you are genuinely interested in, Like their content accordingly, and become a regular viewer. The goal is for them to recognize you among the masses.

How to really draw their attention:

Create the occasional Duet (in addition to all of the above). This allows you to create a side-by-side video reacting to an existing video of theirs.

Once your video is published, they are instantly notified that you created a Duet with their content. This is a perfect way to create friendships over time.

Simply tap the right arrow found on the lower-right corner of a video, then tap “Duet.”

Mention them in some of your videos. This is done within your video description or as a comment.

TikTok doesn’t allow you to message someone directly unless you two are mutually following one another. So, the next best thing is to @Mention them by username in the aforementioned places.

For example, publish a blogging-related video and compliment someone in your niche with, “I did it! I just published my first long-form article just like @Username!”

This will notify them immediately, so use it to your advantage. The sky’s the limit once you get their attention.

Honorable Mentions

Lastly, leverage these three very important things to maximize your success as a blogger on TikTok:

Make your videos downloadable. You can toggle this option right before publishing each video. If someone downloads your video and reposts it elsewhere, it will be watermarked with your username. This essentially gives you free promotion.

Use relevant hashtags. The benefits of using hashtags are self-explanatory; insert them in the video description right before publishing it.

Insert a call to action without shame. Use phrases like “Visit the link in my bio for details” in some relevant videos, otherwise the average viewer is guaranteed to ignore you.

Your Turn

So, ready to promote your blog on TikTok? While bloggers don’t need TikTok, there is absolutely nothing to lose and millions of reasons to join.