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Should WordPress Release a Lite Version?

As we get closer to a WordPress 2.1 release, I sometimes go on an older blog I have still running WordPress 1.5 and while its publishing speed does not seem to be as fast as the newer version, it just seems so much nicer to use. Yes, I know uploading a picture is in a weird place, but on this one site, I don’t upload many, if any images.
It makes me wonder if WordPress needs a Lite version. A version that strips WordPress down to just what you needs, and makes everything else an extension you can add if you need it or use it. Currently, WordPress creators are trying to appeal to the widest audience while also adding in new features to sway people from using other publishing plaforms, but what I find is that WordPress is adding things I don’t want.
The visual rich editor does nothing but annoy me. The first thing I do is turn it off once I have WordPress installed. I have never once used the import feature that I hear works so well. I can think of lots of reasons to have it for most common users, but I have never needed it, and if I did, it would be a one time thing, and then I would not need it anymore. The dashboard annoys me. Knowing when a new version of WordPress is out is all I really need or want, and that would work well in the footer of the Write Post page.
I have always been curious to know how many people actually use the page feature in WordPress, beyond making an about page. On most of my blogs that I work on, there are no pages, only blog posts. I don’t know anyone that uses the post by e-mail ability that WordPress has, so that could probably go. Remove all the standard plugins that come with the current download, and that could save a fair bit of bandwidth and downloading time for some people.
How much code could be removed from WordPress in order to make a Matt Mullenweg approved, WordPress Lite? Would anyone else even be interested in such an initiative? What other features do you think could be removed from WordPress to create a Lite version?