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Should You Pay Guest Bloggers to Blog?

Lorelle has asked an interesting question on the Blog Herald, and I wanted to take a second to answer it here, as my comment might be a bit too long for a comment form.
First off, I want to mention that I started my professional blogging career off with a bang by guest blogging for Darren Rowse. I probably would not have gotten noticed if it wasn’t for him.
Here is a piece from Lorelle’s post:

In addition to being a web consultant, I’m a writer. I’m a professional writer. That means I get paid for writing. My blogs help me make money through my writing and reputation. So why would I want to give my work away for free?
When the benefit of good will exceeds the return on the investment.
That’s when.

And really, that is what happened to me. I gave freely of my time, hoping that Darren would notice his need for assistance in growing his blogs, and what really ended up happening was that someone else noticed me and thought that I was a perfect fit for his blog network.
Really, in the end, the only time you should pay guest bloggers, is once their “guest” stint is done. If you want them to stay beyond that initial guest blogging stage, and have them as a constant and consistent writer, you should pay them their dues, no matter how high profile you or your blog is.
As a side note, I have to admit, I am always excited to see what guest bloggers have to say.
A great post from Lorelle, definitely worth checking out if you have ever thought about guest blogging or looking for guest bloggers.