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Should Your Small Business Have a Blog?

Lorelle has been asked if a small business really needs to have a blog, and after mentioning Ashley Carr of the The itpr Group’s response, she went on to really answer the question.

If you have the people who can blog, sharing their passion and talent for writing about your business and industry, then have a blog. If you don’t have the staff, expertise, or the money to hire them, then don’t blog. Get yourself a website with information on what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and why we should care, because that is part of today’s core marketing and advertising plan, but skip the blog.
Blogs take energy, passion, and a lot of enthusiasm. They can also take a lot of time. Blogs are consumers, taking energy away you may need to give to your growing business. They require food in the way of frequent posts and information.

I am of the mind that small businesses can actually thrive thanks to blogs, but they really need to have someone with passion, and talent writing. You can’t just flick a light switch and have a blog be a success, and you have to put more than marketing materials on there. A blog is a window into the company, and can be used for promotions, up selling, and creating a user base.
I am currently working with a small business that started recently. They are going into the highly competitive fitness world, and I suggested they think about starting a blog. Both of the owners, a husband and wife team, are very enthusiastic about life changes towards health and while they are worried about giving away too much in the way of pearls of wisdom, a little coaching from yours truly, and they understood the benefit that sharing some of their personality, passion and wisdom online can produce.
Other businesses might not see the same rewards. Like Lorelle and others have said, it takes time, energy and passion. A blog is really no different from the “news” pages of old, except that if done well they can be much more personal, much more interesting and become a pillar for information and cross communication for a potential client.