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Four Signs it’s Time to Abandon Your Blog (and How to Save it)

As an online publisher, one of your biggest nightmares is perhaps to abandon your blog. This wouldn’t be a problem if the site is brand new and you haven’t yet put many hours into it.

But what if you had to walk away from an otherwise established platform?

Let’s look at some potential reasons to abandon your blog (for the better). However, your hard work doesn’t have to be lost, as there are ways to make your blogging problems go away or at least make them relatively painless.

You Rarely Publish

Whether you lack the time to publish new posts or simply dislike the niche, it’s actually quite common to abandon a blog within the first six months.

Perhaps you had started the project for its profit potential, but then felt gradually dissatisfied with it. It’s not easy to talk about something you have very little interest in, no matter how much money there may be on the table.

I have personally abandoned one or two lucrative opportunities in favor of lower-paying (but highly satisfying) ones. It all depends on your financial needs, so take a good look at your situation and, if possible, aim for something that can deliver the best of both worlds (passion + profit).

manage remote writers Your Beliefs Have Shifted

Were you once passionate about a certain niche or topic, but have since moved on? This is absolutely normal, given the fact that we evolve and are presented with new shades of reality everyday.

I knew of a guy who swore by the idea of passive income, and even included the phrase in his domain name. Eventually his website died down simply because he started viewing “Passive income” as nothing more than a myth.

Whatever you do, try to pick something long-lasting by asking yourself, “Why am I really choosing this niche, and is it something I could live off of long-term?”

Your Niche is Too Broad/Narrow

Don’t get me wrong; you can definitely survive in a broad niche depending on how you tackle it (hint: inviting many contributors to keep the blog updated is a good start).

However, there’s no denying that a broad niche is a risky business. It simply becomes that much harder to target your audience and offer everyone what they want.

Likewise, your niche could be so narrow that it’s simply impossible to keep the content flowing (which might also explain a poor publishing frequency, as mentioned earlier). Going narrow is always ideal, but there’s always a line to be drawn somewhere.

The Niche is Short-Lived

Some blogs make the mistake of using a product’s name as part of their domain/URL, but are eventually faced with two choices: Abandoning the niche altogether, or having to change said domain name. The former may be a necessity if the product in question has a limited lifespan (and this is the case with virtually every product).

Tips to Keep the Blog Going Strong

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to abandon your blog if you really see potential in it.

Don’t enjoy your niche? Outsource certain aspects/elements. You can even break down some tasks as a means of saving money; have someone do the research while you do the writing, for example.

Implement short-form content as a way of keeping your blog updated without putting in too many hours. This article shows you some creative ideas for short-form content.

Is your niche too narrow or short-lived? Shift your focus. Open up to similar topics, products or services to keep your blog relevant and evergreen.

Hell, my own website has gone through several changes over time. It went from really, really broad to being much tighter, and I even changed its domain name. I am also introducing some new categories (gradually) that are loosely related to my audience.

As you can see, you don’t always have to abandon your blog if it can be saved (unless this is something you truly wish to do, of course).

Many other people have had issues finding their footing, so it’s okay to change your blog’s focus in order to fit your ultimate goal.


In the end it all boils down to your particular and personal situation.

Have you ever had to make drastic changes or abandon your blog altogether? How did you handle the situation?

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