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Simple Tips to Increase Traffic

I love when people put together lists on how to manage a blog, and while most of it is common sense, sometimes it isn’t formatted in an easy to understand way.
Squarespace Insider has put up such a list in a post called Managing Blogs and Increasing Traffic.
Here are a few of their points:

5. Ping sites about your latest post to get an extra boost. A program like PingShot can help you out here.
6. Take a few minutes to create a blog editorial calendar. Figuring out what to write about now will save you time later. Copy Blogger has some good title ideas if you’re stuck.
7. Add a picture. It won’t take long to add an image and it will make your post more noticeable. There are lots of sites out there with free clip art and if you’re looking for free stock photos, visit this Graphics n’ Graphic Design post.

One thing that I don’t do enough of, but I know it helps is adding an image to my posts. A great list for those just starting out, or even those wondering why their blogs aren’t more popular.