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SixApart Sells LiveJournal To A Russian Group

I always wondered what made SixApart interested in LiveJournal. I knew it made sense in one respect, as growing your company always does, but the user group of their other products, TypePad and MovableType, didn’t really fit in my mind with the user group of LiveJournal, and so it comes as no surprise to me that they sold the blog hosting service.
The strange part of this story to most people though is who they sold it to: a Russion group, SUP. So far, the terms of the deal have not been disclosed.
It looks as though SUP bought the license to operate LiveJournal in Russia in October of 2006, where the Russian community is second only to the U.S. in number of accounts.
Over on GigaOm there are details from Edward Shenderovich, Head of Strategic Development at SUP, on why they purchased LiveJournal. Here is the response they got:

We believe it’s a good business. In the world now dominated by social networks, the role of a “community platform” holds a very special place. We have some ideas about new functionality, new partnerships, and some interesting monetization opportunities. We are very excited about the progress we had made in Russia in the last 6 months and look forward to replicate some of our success worldwide.

I wonder what this will mean for LiveJournal, and SixApart, as they go their separate ways, and what users will think of yet another company taking over providing their service?