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Slideshow Pro with PHP, CSS and JS

Before I say anything else, I wish that Chris J. Davis would make my life easier and roll this into a stand alone package for non-WordPress users to use and modify, as it would be perfect for a site I am working on, and I don’t want to try to make it work, I just want it to work.
What is it?
Well, Chris has gone and created a method of replacing flash when it comes to making a slideshow with transition effects. It is a beautiful example of what can be done with PHP, CSS and some JavaScript (I still hate JavaScript no matter how popular its becoming again).

So at work the new design we just launched called for a rotating, hyperlinked slideshow, with cross-fading.
Normally it would be “To the Flash Cave!”, but I was feeling extra crotchety so I decided to basically recreate Slideshow Pro in PHP, CSS and some JS-foo. Nothing to spectacular, but it is shiny. Be warned, this is a very long tutorial… use at your own risk.

This is definetly something to try if you have some extra time. Chris has said he might not roll it up into a plugin, but maybe if you beg hard enough and throw money at him he will.